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12 Signs a relationship could last forever

“Have I found the right person for me? Someone who makes me feel happy, calm, loved, respected, and cherished. Someone who makes my life better, and me a better person.” Questions we should all ask ourselves.

It’s great when you are on the same page with your partner. That’s when everything makes sense.
It’s a true blessing to have this wonderful person in your life. But, you must be honest and admit that there are days when your relationship is far from perfect.

We are not perfect creatures, so it’s natural that you find something in your partner that bothers you. Or, that you fight occasionally.

So, if you wonder if your relationship is really meant to last a lifetime, check out the following signs that indicate your partner is your forever-after.


12 Signs Your Relationship Can Last a Lifetime:

1. You Don’t Think How to Say Something
When you are with this person, you feel completely free. You only think about what to say, and not how you’ll say it. Both of you have built a strong relationship based on mutual understanding and honesty.

2. They Are The First Person to Hear Your News
Whatever the news, you tell them first. You want to share your feelings, good or bad, with the person you love the most. You know they will understand you and give you the most appropriate reaction.

3. They Don’t Want You to Change
This applies to both partners. When they accept each other, with all the flaws and strengths, it means they truly love their partner’s personality. So, they neither want nor expect the other one to change.

4. They Are Your Biggest SupporterThis means your partner is always here to listen to your problems and provide you with the support you need. They will never let you give up without a fight. That’s because they believe in you and are your closest friend.

5. You Accept Each Other’s Failures and Celebrate Each Other’s Successes
Partners who support one another are usually better at work and more satisfied with their job. So, if you and your partner do this, your relationship is more likely to last a lifetime.

6. They Are Proud of You
You don’t have to win a medal so that your partner can be proud of you. They know your values and strengths and praise you for them. They never say bad things about you behind your back, and they never put you down in front of anyone.

7. You Finish Each Other’s Sentences
Although this doesn’t happen all the time, you two know each other so well that you often share the same ideas and opinions. This means you two are perfectly synchronized.

8. They Listen to You
When partners listen to each other carefully, it means they care about each other’s feelings and opinions. They want to know their partner’s thoughts, wishes, desires, and problems, as only in that way they can help them find solutions and make them happier.

9. They Always Find Time for You
They could have a busy and overflown work agenda, but they always find time for you, just as you do. It could be just half an hour, but you know it’s time devoted only for you two. You could talk about your day at work, or say nothing and just hug each other.

10. They Know Finding What Is Right Is More Important Than Being Right
Your partner doesn’t care if they are right or wrong, as long as both of you find the problem and solve it. They don’t mind even if you prove them wrong because their goal isn’t to have the power in the relationship. They know both of you are equal.

11. They Ask for Help When Needed
You two are partners, so when one of you doesn’t understand something, they ask for help. You know each other so well that you don’t feel embarrassed to admit you need help.

12. You Forgive Each Other and Forget Your Disagreements

Both of you know that making a mistake is normal, but it’s more important to know how to fix it. And, it’s equally important to forgive when given the right reason.

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